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Rishi Sunak risks losing his seat as Tories reduced to 98 constituencies in general election mega poll

Rishi Sunak faces the risk of losing his seat as the Conservative Party could be reduced to 98 constituencies in the next general election, according to a Best For Britain MRP poll.
The survey suggests that the Labour Party could win an overwhelming 468 seats, surpassing the landslide victory of Tony Blair in 1997. Notably, 14 current ministers and secretaries of state, including key figures such as Home Secretary James Cleverly and Defence Secretary Grant Shapps, are predicted to lose their seats in a significant turnover.

Sunak's lead in Richmond and Northallerton is under threat with a predicted margin of less than 2.5% over Labour, making it highly competitive. Similarly, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt faces a close contest in Godalming and Ash, leading the Lib Dems by a mere 1%.

The Scottish National Party (SNP) is expected to maintain 41 of its seats, challenging predictions of a significant loss.

The Liberal Democrats could see their seats increase to 22, and Plaid Cymru is expected to keep its two seats. Among Conservatives at risk are notable figures such as Simon Hart, Johnny Mercer, and Jonathan Gullis, along with former ministers like Ian Duncan Smith and Jacob Rees-Mogg.

The poll also highlights that Reform UK could emerge as a strong second in seven constituencies despite not winning any seats. A simulated scenario where Reform UK candidates stand down to benefit the Conservatives suggests only a modest increase in Conservative seats to 150, far behind Labour's lead.

If the poll's predictions hold true on election day, Labour would secure an overall majority of 142 seats. The CEO of Best for Britain, Naomi Smith, emphasized the significant voter shift away from the Tories and highlighted the importance of accessible, updated forecasting to inform voters before they cast their ballots.
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