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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Road Town sewerage upgrade expected to commence in early May

Road Town sewerage upgrade expected to commence in early May

Persons traversing the Road Town area on a daily basis can expect a disruption in traffic next month as the Ministry of Works is expected to begin upgrading the sewerage system in early May.
Speaking at the Road Town Sewer Network Upgrade community meeting last night, Works Minister Kye Rymer said he anticipates the project should start in another two weeks once all the manholes covers that were ordered arrive.

He said the ministry has already procured the pipes that will be used in the project, and everything is just about ready to start.

The Road Town Sewerage upgrade comes on the heels of an upgrade to the network in Pasea two weekends ago where 800 feet of sewer lines were added. Rymer noted that the ministry will add a further 1,100 feet of sewer lines and it will start from the burial ground at Joe’s Hill and culminate at the round-a-bout in Road Town.

“We understand that development is ongoing, and we have seen the social security project on Joe’s Hill and we continue to see businesses growing in our community and our population continue to grow. We are expecting that once these projects come online, our sewerage system would be able to accommodate what is happening,” Rymer said.

“So, with this presentation done by the ministry, it would be addressing what exactly will be taking place and the timeframe and we would just like to let you the public know that there will be some disruption in the system and be mindful of what we are doing. We have collaborated with the different utility companies in the territory to ensure we have everything mapped and in place once this sewage project gets going,” the Works Minister added.

Meanwhile, project manager Bernard Grant said a lot of work has been done behind the scenes and his team in the ministry had identified the need to be proactive with the Road Town Sewer System and not reactive.

Grant said planning has been ongoing since last year.

“As was said earlier, we expect the arrival of the sewerage manholes sometime in the first week of May … We’ve estimated that if it arrives in the first week, we will begin in the second to third week we will begin construction on the ground. We are asking the public to work with us as with any development there will be some sort of inconvenience and we endeavour to minimise these inconveniences as possible and to work along with commercial and residential people,” Grant said.

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