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Sunday, Jul 03, 2022

RVIPF: 7 of eight serious collisions this year are scooter related

RVIPF: 7 of eight serious collisions this year are scooter related

Statistics for 2022 show seven of the eight serious accidents recorded involved a motor scooter or motorcycle.
Similarly, of the 35 accidents with injuries, 16, almost half, are scooter/motorcycle related. A total of 38 recorded accidents involved motor scooters or motorcycles for the year.

Head of the Road Policing Unit Kishon Leslie says the numbers are alarmingly high half way through the year.

While not all the accidents are the fault of the scooter rider, the injuries sustained by the rider are far greater.

“Accidents involving scooters tend to be serious because the body of a rider is exposed and more vulnerable to injuries. Without a crash helmet these injuries are even more substantial to include broken bones and brain injuries,” he said.

He stated that scooters are very efficient in terms of travel, gas and parking, however, a higher level of attentiveness must be exercised by riders to avoid collisions.

He noted that just the opposite is being practiced and he is not seeing the required due care and attention by riders on our roadways.

Police recorded five road fatalities for the year, three were riders motor scooters.

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