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Sunday, Dec 05, 2021

RVIPF debunks reports of illegal entry @ VG & Beef Island as ‘false alarms’

RVIPF debunks reports of illegal entry @ VG & Beef Island as ‘false alarms’

Reports circulating on social media of persons suspected of entering the Territory illegally at Savannah Bay on Virgin Gorda and Trellis Bay on Beef Island have been labeled as ‘false alarms’ by the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF).

There has been strong focus on illegal entry and human smuggling by authorities and civilians alike as the spike in COVID-19 cases in the Virgin Islands is being attributed to the two illegal activities.

There are currently 17 active cases of COVID-19, most of which are believed to have resulted by community transmission after the virus was reportedly introduced by persons entering the Territory illegally.

Government has since announced enhanced surveillance at the borders while the RVIPF has pleaded with the community to report any suspicious activity.

Commissioner of Police Mr Michael B. Matthews, left, said the reports of illegal entry at Savannah Bay and Trellis Bay are 'false alarms'.

‘False alarms’

Reports on social media, and which also reached our newsroom, stated that as recent as yesterday, August 24, 2020, there were at least two sightings of small boats/dinghies entering the territory at two different locations- Savannah Bay and Trellis Bay.

According to reliable sources these were reported to the RVIPF; however, but by the time they arrived the suspects were long gone.

Commissioner of Police Mr Michael B. Matthews; however, told our newsroom the reports of the illegal activities are untrue.

“False alarms,” Commissioner Matthews described the reports.


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