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RVIPF partners with Safe Haven to make injured rider walk again

Bryshan Walters is well on his way to receiving his prosthetic leg thanks to the support of the Safe Haven Transitional Centre and officers of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force Community Partnership Unit.
Today’s presentation of $5,000 are funds raised as a result of a partnership forged by Safe Haven with the RVIPF community officers. The team sought donations from the community to purchase the artificial limb.

Director of the Centre Mrs Nellville Bronstorph says Safe Haven dedicated the month of February to reach out to scooter riders with safety education in order to reduce incidents where riders are either killed or injured. The theme for the month is, “With love, ride safely and wear a helmet.”

Eight helmets were distributed to scooter riders at the Elmore Stoutt High School as part of the activities.

Community Officers Acting Inspector Jacqueline Tom and Constable Mitchel John were both on hand for the presentation noting that while enforcement of the traffic laws is important for road users’ safety, the RVIPF is also empathic to those who are injured.

Present were also Deputy Commissioner Jacqueline Vanterpool, Assistant Commissioner Pam Trevillion, and Acting Chief Inspector Dean Robin, along with Mrs. Bronstorph and other officers of the Safe Haven Transitional Centre. Bryshan and his mother, Felecia September, both shared their gratitude for the gift.

Bryshan loss his right leg in a scooter collision in 2021.

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