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Friday, Sep 24, 2021

RVIPF To Seek UK Help With Domestic Violence – Top Cop

RVIPF To Seek UK Help With Domestic Violence – Top Cop

Police Commissioner Mark Collins has revealed that the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) would be seeking help from the United Kingdom Police to assist with domestic violence in the territory.

He made the statement during a recent press conference while responding to questions from the media.
He said meetings with the Governor’s Office and other stakeholders have been held since he took over the post.

“We looked at the domestic violence action plan and actually tomorrow morning I have another meeting with the Family Juvenile Office and the Governor’s Office, with the team of partner agencies where we are looking at what the priorities are, what the mechanisms are for supporting people who are suffering with domestic abuse,” the Commissioner stated.

He added, “From our point of view as the Police service, we are very clear, there is a zero-tolerance approach to this, and if we are going to, we are looking for arrests to be made, and support to be given to the victims.’

He said they the RVIPF also plans “to take it one step further we are also looking to do some work with the metropolitan police in the UK.”

I Like To Get Things Done!

In the meantime, Commissioner Collins said he is results-oriented.

“I am a person that likes to get things done, and I want quick and decisive action, and certainly my office and staff would have seen in my first six weeks that’s what I am about.”

He added, “My policing philosophy as a senior leader has about doing the basics brilliantly, getting things right first time, every time, is a sound platform for any organization. In this new season, I will be building on the work of my predecessor, and my main priority going forward will be to continue the fight against serious organized crime with the aim of making the islands an environment that is unfavorable for groups wishing to engage is criminal activity.”


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