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Friday, Nov 27, 2020

Says monthly $10K allocation for district assistance insufficient

Says monthly $10K allocation for district assistance insufficient

Representative of the Fifth District and government legislator Kye Rymer is requesting additional funding to assist constituents that make up the nine electoral districts of the British Virgin Islands.

While making contributions in the House of Assembly on Thursday, Rymer argued that the current monthly allocation for each district is not enough.

“As district representatives, we only receive about $10,000 for district assistance and we get a whole lot of requests and at times you want to help each and every person but the money dwindles away quite quickly,” Rymer explained.

“I speak for most of my colleagues here and we are now asking the Minister for Finance for some additional funding so we can assist these persons within our territory. I hope he obliges because we came here to help,” he added.

It’s not that we are greedy

Rymer said, as elected representatives, they all try their best to assist those who are most in need.

“I get requests from throughout the territory and my heart is so soft that at times I want to assist everyone. But the money comes up short, and I even end up going through my pocket. And now, with a daughter in college, it’s a little difficult. So I just want the people of the territory to know that not that I am greedy, but I just can’t assist each and every person,” Rymer said.

In the meantime, the district representative said he hopes persons are utilizing the funds for the right reasons and not “taking advantage of the opportunity” by using the funds outside of what it is intended.


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