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Monday, Sep 20, 2021

Rymer decries non-compliance with protocols

Rymer decries non-compliance with protocols

Government Minister, Kye Rymer, has lamented the actions of persons who continue to flout existing health protocols which were put in place for their own safety.
Rymer said he recently saw a video of partygoers on the island of Jost Van Dyke where there was no adherence to the protocols.

The legislator suggested that the number of lives lost could not be further underscored.

“I just want to urge persons to be mindful that COVID is present, COVID has killed many persons in our community and we want to make sure that the guidelines and the protocols that are put in place, that they’re adhered to,” Rymer said recently on the VIP’s Let’s Talk radio programme.

Rymer’s admonition was echoed by Health Minister, Carvin Malone, who said deaths should not become so commonplace within the territory to the extent where they don’t matter anymore.

Following a recent outbreak in the territory, active COVID-19 cases stood at more than 1,600 at one time but have now been significantly reduced to less than 600 persons.

There have also been more than 30 recorded COVID-19 related deaths during this time.

Malone said his ministry remains mindful of the number of cases and said the protocols instituted are not only meant to bring down the number of active cases, but also to stem the tide.

He urged that persons should not wait until they are too far gone in COVID-19 related illness before seeking treatment at the hospital.

Malone further emphasised that none of the persons who passed away was vaccinated.

He said all needed to be done to get the existing numbers to a point where no one remained in critical care at the territory’s hospital and suggested this is best done through the vaccinations being offered.

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