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Sunday, Oct 25, 2020

Salary Review For Certain Public Officers

Salary Review For Certain Public Officers

Following years of complaints by some public officers for their salaries to be adjusted, action is being taken to make the change.
This good news for some government workers was delivered during Standing Finance Committee (SFC) recently.

The mention about the possible compensation change was made by Michelle Donovan-Stevens Director, Human Resources during her appearance before the Committee for the deliberation of the 2020 budget estimate.

In noting that change was in the pipeline Donovan-Stevens said, “the matter had been raised over the years and a Cabinet Paper is being prepared that incorporates the need to have a salary review with urgency.”

The Director of Human Resources further stated, “there has been some requests for salary adjustments because the salaries are not attractive to persons coming on board or to retain existing talent.”

During her appearance for the 2019 budget estimate, Donovan-Stevens told the SFCthat a salary review had not been conducted since 2006 and that salary reviews will now be conducted every three to five years at maximum , which is the service standard.

During the 2019 budget deliberations the Customs Department was one of the areas a salary review was said to be critically needed for.

At the time Leslie Lettsome, the Acting Commissioner of Her Majesty’s Customs to SFC, “There was an agreement in 2007 for the raising of salaries for the staff of the Department. However, that agreement was never materialized and it remains a concern.”

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