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Thursday, May 19, 2022

School fighters arrested & fined in Sint Maarten

School fighters arrested & fined in Sint Maarten

Two students from different fights seen in widely circulated videos on social networks were arrested by police on Monday.
The review of the “fight tapes” is ongoing. A number of other fighters who were recognized from these circulating videos will be arrested in the coming days for their involvement.

P.A.I.R was arrested and transported to the Philipsburg Police Station on Monday. At the time of his arrest, the minor had in his possession a brass “knuckle”. That and several other items were confiscated from the suspect. He was fined for these actions and was handed over to his parents.

One second suspect responded to the request of the police to turn himself and answer questions from detectives. This suspect had been implicated in a different fight that had taken place sometime earlier. Several students were assaulted and suffered injuries in these fights.

On Sunday, February 13, 2022, police issued a press release regarding fights outside school premises in the previous week. The release reiterated the police’s zero-tolerance policy for school- and gang fights. Parents and guardians are urged to take an active role in their children’s lives. This is paramount in tackling disruptive and violent behavior now and in the future.
The plight of the children and the triggers for violence requires a concerted and targeted approach by all in the community. These are no longer isolated issues, but ones of profound impact on society and require everyone to take on their (assigned) roles.

The root of the aggression of our children and the violence triggers must be tackled post-haste to disrupt the path that leads to criminality and children becoming the subject’s cases handled by the Prosecutor’s Office.

To all of Sint Maarten's students, think before you act aggressively, keep tempers in check, and avoid criminal activities. Bear in mind that, getting in contact with the law can harm your future prospects - everything from gaining entrance into institutions of higher education to job opportunities.

It is also very important for you as students to speak up if you notice illegal activities in and around your schools. To “say something when you see something” does not equal snitching or ratting out a fellow student because it is the responsibility of everyone to do their part to ensure there is a safe environment to learn and thrive in. Remember, it is for your safety too.

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