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Monday, Nov 30, 2020

Schools unlikely to physically reopen in September due to latest COVID-19 measures - following confirmation of 9th COVID-19 case in VI

Students and teachers who were looking forward to physically returning to school in September 2020 may have to continue in their online space, until November 2020 at least.

Further, all school related extra-curricular activities are to be discontinued for the next three months.

This is according to the latest COVID-19 control and suppression measures put in place by the Government of the Virgin Islands, following the discovery of an imported case of COVID-19 in the Territory.

According to the Order published in the Official Gazette on August 1, 2020, "all schools shall be closed and all school related extra-curricular activities shall be discontinued."

The Order noted; however, that teachers and staff may access their respective schools to prepare lectures or materials for the purpose of engaging their students online.

Further, all students who are in senior grades may also access their respective school for the purpose of preparing for, or sitting standardised exams.

Restrictions of assembly

Meanwhile, all gatherings shall be limited to one person per sixty-four square feet and shall not exceed fifty persons at any given time, and in the case of vulnerable persons, the gathering shall be limited to a no more than ten persons, as certified by the Social and Monitoring Task Force.

For the purpose of faith-based services; a graduation ceremony; a wedding ceremony; or a funeral; however, gatherings shall be limited to one person per sixty-four square feet and shall not exceed one hundred persons at any given time.

According to the Order, where the organisers of an outdoor event anticipate that the event will exceed a

gathering of fifty persons, he or she shall make a written request to the Minister, seeking permission to hold the event.

The Order, signed by Deputy Premier and Minister of Health, Honourable Carvin Malone (AL) shall cease to apply on October 31, 2020 unless extended by the Minister.


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