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Monday, Oct 02, 2023

Sean Hannity attacking the FBI’s reputation is in words as never heard before on TV…

Sean Hannity discusses the FBI's reputation and the raid on Trump’s home in Mar-A-Lago on ‘Hannity.’ We never heard such an attack of any TV station against federal institute and official, words which adds fuel to the fire that completely burn out the word “United” from the name “States of America”.

IDontKnowYourName 1 year ago
I wish you are right. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it to me.
Outside wise, United States citizens are United on hating others (China, Russia and other 180 nations).
But inside? Nada. Totally divided. Absolutely hate of one another.
This is a dangerous situation, and it’s getting worse from day to day.
USA is broken. Social wise, politically wise and economic wise.
With powerful army that can kill anybody but can win nobody.
With no leadership.
Not good for USA, and not good for the rest of the world.
The world need strong USA to balance the stronger China, smarter Russia and wiser Iran/Israel/ Saudi Arabia.
You better stop the hate of each other and start work together to build back better.
youknowmyname 1 year ago
The citizens of the USA are united against tyranny and against the lose of a democratic republic. Hannity speaks the truth. We all encourage the world to listen. We will not be subjugated.


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