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Senator Tom Cotton: If the Mexican Government Won’t Stop Cartels from Killing Americans, Then U.S. Government Should

‘If ISIS and al-Qaeda have set up shop in Juarez or Monterey or Tijuana, what would you expect your government to do?’
Senator Tom Cotton has made a bold statement regarding the increasing violence and deaths caused by Mexican drug cartels

Speaking to Fox news anchor, Cotton spoke passionately, asking viewers to envision what the US government would do if ISIS and al-Qaeda had set up shop in Juarez, Monterey or Tijuana, killing tens of thousands of Americans each year.

He argued that if the Mexican government can’t or won’t stop the cartels from these killings, then the US government should intervene, and if necessary, use its military forces to protect American citizens.

Cotton’s stance is controversial, but highlights the frustration many have with the current situation.

It is well-known that Mexico has been struggling with drug cartels for years, which have only increased their power and violence over time.

The US and Mexico have collaborated in the past to fight these organizations, but some believe it may be time for the US to take stronger actions to ensure the safety of its citizens.

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