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Wednesday, Jun 16, 2021

Senior citizen arrested for assaulting cashier

Senior citizen arrested for assaulting cashier

BVI News understands that a senior citizen was arrested on the weekend after assaulting a supermarket cashier and threatening her with an offensive weapon.
It’s alleged that the accused — a male over 65 years — bought items at a popular supermarket in Fat Hog’s Bay. He reportedly got angry after he was informed that he needed more cash to pay for the goods.

It’s unclear how much more money the man needed but reports are that he passed the cashier and attempted to leave the supermarket without paying. He was then stopped by the security guard and told to leave the goods behind.

It’s further alleged that the senior citizen re-entered the supermarket, hurling punches at the cashier. It’s unclear whether the two were engaged in a tussle but the cashier reportedly pushed the man in a bid to defend herself.

The senior citizen reportedly fell to the ground, damaging certain fixtures in the supermarket.

The cops were called to the scene and by this time, the accused man was outside the supermarket hurling curse words at supermarket staff with a cutlass in his hand.

However, the police reportedly managed to disarm and arrest him.

Our news centre understands that the senior citizen denied the allegations against him but was still charged for assault and for threatening others with a weapon.

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