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Sunday, Dec 04, 2022

Senior cops getting special training in investigative strategies

Following comments by Police Commissioner Mark Collins that the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) needs speciality training, senior investigating officers have completed part one of a two-week training course in critical areas such as major crime investigations.
The training comes at a time when the Force dedicated a special team to reviewing unsolved murder cases in the territory. It also comes at a time when the RVIPF is experiencing issues with staffing due to retirement, resignation and interdiction.

The training course is being delivered by Agencia Ltd, a United Kingdom-based company that has built an international reputation for improving and transforming government capabilities while also developing communities.

The course is being offered on behalf of the Governor’s Office and the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and it is part of a wider programme of training to equip officers with the latest strategies in major crime investigations with a particular focus on homicide investigations.

Developing appropriate investigative strategies

Participants in the training course are expected to be able to develop and implement appropriate investigative strategies as part of the wider investigative and prosecution team, set up an administrative and major incident room, determine mindsets and cognitive influences on investigative decisions, identify and safeguard vulnerable witnesses and family liaison officers and implement a media strategy.

There were 16 officers who took part in the course. Eight of them represented the RVIPF, two came from the Cayman Islands, two from Bermuda, two from Montserrat, one from the Turks and Caicos and one from Anguilla.

The two trainers, Gareth Bevan, a retired Detective Chief Inspector, and Andy Bevan, a retired Detective Chief Superintendent, are former UK officers with a wealth of operational experience. The course is to end this Friday.

Commissioner Collins, who is still relatively new to the territory, had previously advocated for support from the governor and the government to augment the number of officers through direct local training, transferring of recruitments, and targeted special recruitments to fill the vacant spaces.

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