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Wednesday, Jan 20, 2021

Senior Public Officers Required To Work Remotely

Senior Public Officers Required To Work Remotely

Senior civil servants are expected to continue to operate remotely to support the functioning of Government during the extended 14-day curfew which was implemented as part of measures to stem the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19.
Deputy Governor, Mr. David D. Archer, Jr. although officers may not be working within the physical office space, it remains important they remain active and supportive to their respective ministries and departments.

"Technology has afforded us the opportunity to check in daily with our various teams and strategise ways to execute daily tasks. The Department of Information Technology has also done an excellent job in ensuring remote access in an effort to advance the work of Government. All Senior Managers, Department Heads and senior staff in each ministry and department are required to work remotely during this period. The balance of the public service are to remain engaged and accessible during this period," Mr. Archer stated.

He said as a result of the current situation, some public officers will need to take on new and supportive roles.

"We have already assigned a group of capable and eager public officers to support the Health Emergency Operations Centre. I encourage you to remain available to provide any support that your organisation may need during this time. The prosperity of the Public Service and, by extension, the wider Virgin Islands rests solely on the contributions we will make as a team of dedicated men and women with the best interest of the Virgin Islands at heart," Mr. Archer stated.

He said while the wider public service will remain closed during this period, except for essential services, plans are in place to facilitate three key passes for departments that will need to do key and strategic work during this period to support their clients.

"For example, I have a small team of persons in my office providing essential apostiles services — our office will coordinate the issuance of those passes with the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force," Mr. Archer stated.

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