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Friday, Mar 05, 2021

Shoppers flock supermarkets amid rumours of another BVI lockdown

Shoppers flock supermarkets amid rumours of another BVI lockdown

Amid rumours of another impending lockdown in the British Virgin Islands, residents are now flocking local supermarkets.

The evidence of this could be seen in the parking lot of RiteWay Food Market in Pasea on Monday, August 24.

The supermarket lot was packed with vehicles and its store crowded with shoppers when BVI News visited the location this afternoon.

As the number of shoppers grew larger, the supermarket had to introduce a controlled entry system so as to prevent persons from entering in droves.

Up to publication time, a long and increasing queue of persons were observed outside the store, waiting to enter.

It was a similar spectacle over at OneMart Superstore in Purcell Estate as shoppers flocked the supermarket in anticipation of a lockdown.

At RiteWay in Pasea

The Parking Lot of OneMart Superstore in Purcell Estate on Monday, August 24.

Hours before any official word

Government has not given any official word of a lockdown for the territory. However, Health Minister Carvin Malone is scheduled to deliver a public COVID-19 address at 9 pm tonight.

Residents have been on edge since last Wednesday following the announcement of the territory’s twelfth COVID-19 case who has no recent travel history and who appears to be a case of ‘community spread’ of unknown origin.

Two days after that announcement, the BVI recorded nine new cases — the single largest number of positive cases to be reported locally over 24 hours.

Since it will be several hours before any official word from government authorities, public fears have been heightened.

The territory has recorded 21 COVID-19 cases to date — 12 of which are active. Eight have recovered and one has died.


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