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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Silence your bikes or gov’t will!

Silence your bikes or gov’t will!

In an effort to, once and for all, end the disturbance caused in residential areas, Premier Andrew Fahie has called for riders to put silencers on their motorcycles, lest there be repercussions from his government.

Premier Fahie said the bikers should take measures on their own or the government will be forced to put measures in place to monitor them.

“Those of you with these loud motorbikes that are going into these areas late-night and afternoon, it is a nuisance! And I’m asking you to put on a silencer on your bike and avoid these areas. We, as a government, don’t want to have to put measures in place for this. So I’m asking with a clarion call to all bikers to put on a silencer on your bikes and stop this loud noise all around the place …” said Premier Fahie in the House of Assembly recently.

Premier Fahie said persons have been complaining to the authorities about the noise pollution caused by bikers, adding that seniors are among the vulnerable who are being affected.

He recalled an incident where a motorcyclist disrespected a senior resident who asked him to reduce the noise from his bike.

“They (bikers) tell the old lady where she could find her mother. Disrespectful! So I’m asking the bikers, please, be considerate,” Premier Fahie explained.

Expensive care for injured bikers

Premier Fahie also said the government is concerned about the high costs the public has to incur to care for injured bikers.

“When I am calculating the amount of money that we have to spend on medical bills for bikers who are injuring themselves, it makes me wonder now if some other measure has to be put in place,” Premier Fahie said.

He also reminded careless riders that they’ll be at a disadvantage if they are seriously injured as hospitals all around the world are focusing primarily on COVID-19 cases.


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