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Thursday, Feb 25, 2021

Six people hurt in random attacks since January

Six people hurt in random attacks since January

A considerable number of random assaults on individuals within the territory in the first month of 2021 has raised major concerns with the Commissioner of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF), Michael Mathews.

Matthews made his concerns known in a recent media release by the RVIPF, as he termed the assaults as indiscriminate attacks which occurred while persons were on their jobs and, in some instances, in their neighbourhoods.

“It is never right for one person to inflict injury on another even in the heat of disputes. However, to subject another to injury just because they are carrying out their duties or worse with no apparent provocation is uncivilised,” Commissioner Matthews said.

“The public has a right to expect civility and restraint in our streets and workplaces. Our community-wide response needs to be a unified condemnation for such acts,” he added.

Incidences revealed

According to the media release, a total of six incidents has been reported for the month of January so far.

Half of those reported incidents occurred in just the first week.

“In the first week of January, a bank security officer reported being assaulted by a customer who was denied entry for not wearing a mask. And on two separate nights, two bar attendants reported being spat on and then stabbed with a knife by the same perpetrator at the same bar in East End. Leonard Frett, 61, of Vanterpool Estate was arrested and charged for wounding in that matter,” The RVIPF stated.

“In the second week of the month, a customer outside a bank on deCastro Street was injured with a stone thrown by an unknown male across the street who was randomly spouting expletives and threats. The bank door was also damaged. She had to be treated at the Dr D. O. Smith Hospital for her injuries,” the RVIPF added.

Female officer also assaulted

The police also said one of their own officers was assaulted — while acting in the line of duty — by a male who was angered following the confiscation of his scooter.

“In this incident, Ronald Antoine, 22, of Greenland was charged with two counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, damaging property, resisting arrest, assault on police and escaping lawful custody,” the police reported.

In the meantime, as recently as Sunday, January 24, another female resident reported that she was struck in her face while disposing of her garbage into a nearby community dumpster in the East End area.

According to the report, an unknown male approached the lady from a jeep and simply walked up to her and hit her in the face.


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