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Friday, Sep 25, 2020

Six trained to improve quality of pre-hospital services in BVI

Six trained to improve quality of pre-hospital services in BVI

The BVI Health Services Authority (BVIHSA) recently welcomed six Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians (AEMTs), following the completion of a four-month Advanced EMT Course based on United Kingdom and United States standards.

The technicians include Curdalia Guishard, Jacinda Ettienne, Burton Richardson, Shenelle Williams, Eric Thompson and Rudolph Lewis.

They completed the course which was a partnership between the H Lavity Stoutt Community College and the BVIHSA. It comprised clinical rotations, exams, research papers and a final exam administered by an external agency.

Speaking at recent graduation ceremony, Premier Andrew Fahie stressed on the importance of capacity building, as these new AEMTs now possess skills which will better the future of health services offered within the territory.

“Now that you have been trained, we now have a cadre of persons with advanced skills to bring hope on a scene of despair,” stated Premier Fahie will address the newly-graduated technicians.

He added: “All of you are advanced in your training and you will be able to save more lives. That is the power of capacity building. We are in better hands because you have decided to elevate yourself.”

New AEMTs will boost pre-hospital quality of care

Medical Director for Emergency Management Services, Dr Domnick Frazer said the new trained technicians will tremendously boost the quality of care in pre-hospital settings.

This is because these technicians now possess the skills to intervene in emergency situations, through medical direction from a physician.

“They will now be able to start IV access, administer drugs and provide advanced airway support which will give patients a higher level of care and decrease pre-hospital morbidity and mortality rates,” Dr Frazer explained.

Partnership with HLSCC should continue

Chief Executive Officer of the BVIHSA, Dr Ronald Georges said the territory must continue to grow Emergency Medical Services and pre-hospital care.

“That golden hour of getting patients to definitive care is essential to their survival. That is why we have to ensure that this partnership with the college is continued and extended to the Virgin Islands Fire and Rescue Service and other first response services,” Dr Georges stated.

College partnership critical

Meanwhile, Acting President of HLSCC, Dr Richard Georges said the collaboration between the college and BVIHSA is where the BVI needs to be heading.

He said: “When we start to become more conversant and start to align our mission goals and visions and our obligation to the territory, we discover a lot more can be done working together; there is no need to need to do it alone.”


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