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Sunday, Dec 05, 2021

Skelton Cline rails against claims of drug links to BVI high officials

Skelton Cline rails against claims of drug links to BVI high officials

Political Commentator Claude Skelton-Cline has hit out at revelations that high-level government officials in the BVI are allegedly connected to the drug trade.

During oral hearings held before the Commission of Inquiry (COI) last week, former governor Augustus Jaspert dropped the bombshell revelation that he received allegations in this regard.

The news has since spread like wildfire, prompting reports in the UK Guardian and leaving government officials in shock and on the defence in the face of the allegations.

Skelton-Cline, a clergyman and supporter for the VIP government, has not taken kindly to the reports either, citing the damage to the territory’s reputation and suggesting the allegations were likely without merit.

If the situation were so, he argued, something should’ve been brought up and something should’ve come forward during the hearings of the COI.

He said there was nothing evidential that was put forward to prove or justify the criminal allegations that were made.

“We heard nothing of this sort during the public hearings of the COI,” Skelton-Cline argued.

Blasphemous language

Referring to the allegations as ‘blasphemous language’, Skelton-Cline questioned whether there was libel involved.

According to Skelton-Cline, some level of righteous indignation and outrage was warranted on the basis of the allegations.

“Where are our educated Class? Where is the legal fraternity? Where are we? Where are the social justice advocates? Where is the mom and pop? Where are we with the persons who have platforms and mouthpieces? Where are the influencers?” Skelton-Cline questioned.

He added: “There are things that we must say, things that we must do that counteract these kinds of vicious and vile and venomous and vituperative seeds that have been planted in the air.”

He argued that while there continued to be division and infighting in the BVI, the world — through the UK — is being told a story about us.

Skelton-Cline said the soul and destiny of the country hang in the balance.


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