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Sunday, Sep 26, 2021

Slow to comply? Deadline for stimulus grant feedback extended

Slow to comply? Deadline for stimulus grant feedback extended

It appears the government is experiencing compliance challenges as it relates to their attempts to collect feedback from persons and businesses who received a COVID-19 economic stimulus grant.
This is evidenced by the government’s move to extend the submission deadline by two months.

Recipients were required to say how they spent their grants by August 20. But in a statement on Saturday, the Premier’s Office extended that deadline to October 17.

“Without the data gathered from the feedback form, the government cannot properly evaluate and monitor how the COVID-19 Economic Stimulus has affected persons, businesses and the local economy,” said Permanent Secretary of the Premier’s Office, Dr Carolyn O’Neal-Morton.

“It is imperative that we receive feedback to adequately respond to the needs of those participating in our economy,” she added.

The stimulus initiative has been marred with criticism from both the government’s internal auditor as well as the Office of the Attorney General who raised issues such as the government’s systematic failures to follow protocol and the Premier’s Office’s “deliberate attempts” at blocking her from accessing government files.

Entities that received a stimulus grant from the government through the Premier’s Office include small businesses such as daycares, pre-schools, private schools, religious organisations, farmers, and fisherfolk.

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