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Sunday, Mar 07, 2021

Small business owner to gov’t: ‘We need a chance to survive too!’

The Andrew Fahie administration has been called upon to implement measures that would give every type of local business the opportunity to operate.
Manager at Studio One Salon, Nicoleta Bongarth made the appeal on social media site, Facebook this week as most business operations have been affected by government’s latest curfew restrictions.

Bongarth’s appeal was posted on the BVI Community Board but administrators of the page have removed the post.

“My post was deleted from the BVI Community Board twice and I [do] not understand. I [do] not want upset no one. I just put a question!” Bongarth wrote.

“Have you heard anything about when other businesses can re-open? Cause they need to give small businesses their chance to survive. Why should B…s be open and electronic stores and computer shops every day and the rest of us not at all! It should be split. Three half days a week each. Please all don’t take me wrong but we all in this together, then let’s be!”

Her post has since generated several reactions and more than 30 comments in support of her views.

“I agree. Plus, some of those that can open are not making any money because of the curfew hours,” one social media user wrote in response to Bongarth’s post.

Another female user commented: “I feel your pain on this issue.”

She further said she believes all businesses should be allowed to open for the half-day with health protocols such as social distancing in place.

She continued: “People have to eat so allowing some businesses to have a chance to survive and others left hanging does not work if some form of government assistance is not offered.”

“With the latest announcement of 111 negative test results and 0 positive, I do hope small businesses like yours Nicoleta Bongarth will be able to open after the 16th,” another social media user stated.

The territory is currently under a 5 am to 1 pm curfew, and only essential businesses are allowed to operate because of the spike in coronavirus cases seen lately.

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