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Monday, May 16, 2022

Smith calls for greater public involvement in WE dock project

Smith calls for greater public involvement in WE dock project

Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly, Neville ‘Sheep’ Smith is encouraging residents to come out and voice their opinions at the various public meetings for the West End Ferry Terminal.
The second meeting in a week happened last night and Smith highlighted that the project is not just a West End project but one for the entire territory.

“Everyone will use this port of entry when you come to the BVI. People will be coming from East End, from Sea Cows Bay going West End to go St Thomas,” Smith said.

The Deputy Speaker reiterated that people need to come and see the plans and make their opinions heard so the government can properly address the claims or recommendations.

“Don’t just sit down and criticise and look at the plan and don’t say anything. Be a part of what we are doing now. Now is the time, don’t wait until it is finished then you come and start talking about what should’ve been done and what should not have been done,” he added.

Smith said the government is having the meetings so interested persons can voice their opinions on the ferry terminal. He added that the meetings are also for local contractors to come and see if they can produce the proposed drawings.

“It is very important for us to be a part of this because when you look at what we are trying to do here now, we are trying to encourage our own locals to come out and be a part of the bidding. Don’t look at the plans and think that it is something you cannot accomplish,” Smith said.

“The BVI people are very strong-minded people. I don’t think we need to get anybody to have these plans done and the building built, we can do it ourselves. We just need to team up with each other. It doesn’t have to be someone on the outside. We must team up with each other and get it done,” he stated.

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