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'Speak the Truth!’ L. Allen Wheatley blasts Hon Penn for claiming Hawk’s Nest road project

'Speak the Truth!’ L. Allen Wheatley blasts Hon Penn for claiming Hawk’s Nest road project

Former Financial Secretary, Mr L. Allen Wheatley who is contesting the 8th Electoral District in the Virgin Islands 2023 Elections under the Virgin Islands Party (VIP), has blasted his political opponent, Hon Marlon A. Penn (R8) for taking credit for the completion of the Hawk’s Nest Road project in East/North East Tortola.

Wheatly in a WhatsApp voice note circular today, Saturday, March 18, 2023, claimed that he was the one who envisioned the project and realized its possibilities after being told it was not possible.

Road was part of a major road network plan - Wheatley

“Hawk’s Nest Road was part of a grant plan, to open up the northern road to give an alternative, as opposed to having to go to Cane Garden Bay,” Wheatly said.

“When hurricane Irma came and Cane Garden Bay was shut down, we were able to do tours either in the south and north and end up on Long Bay Beach,” he added.

During a recent debate, Hon Penn when asked about his accomplishment in Government and Politics had listed the Hawk's Nest road as one of his accomplishments, however, Mr. Wheatley is disputing this.

Wheatley further added that the lack of economic activity in Long Bay Beach came as a result of a ‘block’ from the NDP who stopped projects that would have boosted the areas.
A road in the Hawk's Nest area of East/North East Tortola.

NDP did not build Hawk's Nest road - Whealtey

“Y'all [NDP] did not do the Hawk’s Nest Road, y’all did not interconnect the northern highway, the whole ridge road network was all VIP and most of it was done in my time as the FS,” he added.

Mr Whealtey called on Hon Penn to ‘Speak the truth’ and reiterated that Hon Penn nor the NDP had anything to do with the project.

“Stop claiming what you did not do... Find something that you actually did and talk about it, because every time you claim something of mine, I will shut you down,” Mr Wheatley warned.

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