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SSB starts home-buyers selection process for Joe’s Hill Manor

SSB starts home-buyers selection process for Joe’s Hill Manor

Calls have been made for persons wishing to become residents of the government’s low-income housing initiative at Joe’s Hill to demonstrate their interest.
The Social Security Board (SSB) announced yesterday that it has begun the applicant selection process for prospective homeowners at Joe’s Hill Manor Estate.

According to the SSB, the agency is currently completing the final stages of the Verification Phase of the application process.

A notice on the SSB’s website stated that each applicant will receive a verification form through email and said the completed form should be returned within five days of acknowledged receipt.

Confirmed applicants, the SSB website said, will be required to attend the Joe’s Hill Manor Estate homeowners workshop.

Verified applicants will be invited to view the home for which they applied and will be required to seek financial pre-approval from their bank of choice to fund their respective home purchases.

Regarding the selection procedure, the SSB said prospective homeowners will be selected through “the lottery draw” process and those selected homeowners will then have 60 days to finalise their mortgage and inform the Social Security Board accordingly.

The Joe’s Hill Housing Development is a community designed on the hillside under Joe’s Hill, Tortola facing the Long Bush and wider Road Town area.

The development is expected to be a gated community that includes 25 buildings, comprising a collection of 52 residential units targeting first-time homeowners, plus commercial rental space.

The units will range from one to three-bedroom-styled condos, single-family homes, and townhouses.

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