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Saturday, Oct 24, 2020

St. Georges Student Is Table Setting Champ

St. Georges Student Is Table Setting Champ

.Carly Ramchandran is the winner of the 2019 BVI Tourist Board organized Janice Blyden Table Setting Competition that was held on November 3 at the Scrub Island resort.
The aim of the competition was to showcase the student’s table setting techniques and creativity. It also aimed to build awareness around the Culinary Arts in the Territory.

In an announcement prior to the event the Tourist Board explained the objective of the table setting competition as well as the Junior Chef Competition which was promoted in tandem.

The Board said: “We find that a lot of the Youth have a vested interest in Tourism, but lack experience and mentorship, hence the reason the BVI Tourist Board and Film Commission came up with the idea to host a Table Setting and Jr Chef Competition.”

Further the Tourist Board announced that students who have participated in these events have gone away to college to pursue Tourism related careers and have gotten jobs as a waiter or waitress as a means of helping them pay for college.

“Two of the Jr Chef Winners have taken part in our Tourism Month/ Food Fete month where they were featured as the main chef. Radiance Modeste and Ariq Flax, both from Virgin Gorda, are up and coming chefs,” the Tourist Board added.

The Table Setting Competition is more than 10 years old and it usually involves training. This training takes the format of a one week session with seasoned professionals in the culinary, hospitality and service industry. The participants are taught kitchen etiquette, proper table setting methods for up to four persons at three courses each. Additionally, the participants learn how to serve three-course meals along with beverages.

Students from all the Secondary Schools in the Territory were invited to participate.

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