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Tuesday, Nov 24, 2020

Still no answers regarding gov't contracts despite multiple questions, letters to Premier

Still no answers regarding gov't contracts despite multiple questions, letters to Premier

Leader of the Opposition Marlon Penn has reignited claims that neither he or other members of the parliamentary opposition have received any information regarding consultancy contracts issued under the Andrew Fahie administration.

Penn made the comment at a recent press conference, stating that the requested information has not been forthcoming despite several attempts through letters and personal contact to Premier Fahie and Speaker of the House of Assembly, Julian Willock.

“We have yet to receive those (contract information) and it seems to be a habit that when we ask questions in the House of Assembly we don’t get questions answered and then the details of those questions,” Pen said.

“I’ve mentioned it to both him (Premier Fahie) and the Speaker concerning details to those questions that I have asked in the Honourable House and we know subsequently that several new consultancies have been issued since,” he added.

False promises and excuses

The Opposition Leader also said there are several other issues in which the VIP government has been asked for answers. But, according to Penn, the Opposition has only been met with excuses and constant false promises.

“We also asked about the details concerning the fast-track [regularisation] process because there are a lot of things that are being speculated related to the fast track process. At the time, I asked the question in the House if the minister would make that available to us the next week. We are now in 2020 and we’ve yet to get any details concerning the fast track process,” Penn explained.

He continued: “Again, I have a letter drafted to write to him again concerning the details. It’s information for the people, it’s public information once it’s asked in the Honourable House of Assembly, and the people of this territory need to know.

Premier mum

BVI News reached out to Premier Fahie last Wednesday, January 29, to get a response regarding the Opposition Leader’s claims. However, the Premier said he will reserve his comment until he had heard the claims from Penn for himself.

That same day, our news centre sent the Premier an audio excerpt of Penn making the statements. But, up to publication time, the Premier did not provide any further response.

Premier Fahie has often complained that he was a victim of not getting answers for questions he asked in the House of Assembly when he was Opposition Leader under an NDP government.

And since taking office in February 2019, the Premier stressed on leading a transparent government and said the Opposition under his government would not suffer a similar experience.


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