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Monday, Jul 04, 2022

Still wondering what’s next for government

Still wondering what’s next for government

I thought my last article in VINO had made things simple and clear but there still appears to be some persons seeking answers… Many would like us to be dumb and quiet but we should not, so, I hope this helps:
Who feels it knows it and, while business owners often have their whole lives and savings wrapped up in their businesses, Governments and Civil Servants - from top to bottom - have no skin in this game.

To them, it’s just a job and they are only concerned about their Pay and Power… They may even be right to think that we are too dumb to be aware of the different forms of corruption and methods of stealing because, for generations, we separated ourselves from reality until it was too late… We killed the ability to feed ourselves so between the hot Sun and the high price and lack of water, the Crops are now dying in the Fields.

Meanwhile, the enormous Free Schools will require teachers, staff, furnishings, equipment, supplies, utilities and maintenance but no one seems to know where the monies for these will come from… As usual, we place our hopes for rescue in the hands of the young and highly educated but we are now concerned that they appear to have their own Agendas which seem to include a game to sell and disappoint their people.

We have seen this game before and some have even acknowledged playing it for over 20 years – The young buy a ball and the mature buy a book - the young buy a race horse and the mature buy a mule - the young buy a speed boat and the mature buy a barge - the young buy a sport car and the mature buy a truck - the young buy a brothel and the mature buy a hotel - The pattern is fixed and the beat goes on.

They tell us what they think we want to hear so while I may be the only person still alive who formally met the Queen on her 1st visit to the VI, it was just recently that many were protesting having to be under her Direct Rule… However, just a few days ago, some of these were celebrating that same Rule with holiday, music and National Anthem as they wished for ‘a longer reign over us’… Do we really listen to ourselves?

If we do not know what we want then, perhaps, we should keep our mouths shut until we do… We hear many brilliant voices talk about the length of time and effort it should take to process a Work Permit but we overlook the fact that for this to be a realistic solution that will not handicap Businesses, a Work Permit should take less than the time it requires for one to resign from employment and allow for replacement.

Any longer time is a disservice to the Business Community and a threat to our Country… However, you may recall – not so long ago - Government refused Basic Work Permits Clearance unless they received multiple documented proof that Monies were paid in full into these Agencies; even if the Workers were not at fault… They never bothered to reason that such actions were time-consuming, self-defeating and unjustified.

For generations, we have been trapped into believing that might is right and we are obliged to wait 4 years just to get our leaders attention… On the contrary, Fairness and Justice paint a picture in which, the wrongs and corruption of Governments would make it unfair for them to collect Taxes, Social Security, NHI or Salaries from the People when they are unable to fulfil their own mandated responsibilities.

Such unfair behaviours still continue and it’s ironic that the Premier and Minister of Health are from East End/Long Look but are about to allow such obstacles to deprive their own Voters of needed Medical Care… These VI Manmade Crises result from the actions or inactions of our leaders and could have been easily prevented… We claim to cherish our Freedom and love our Independence but we are not here by accident.

We are living through a period of mental unrest and there is the fear or concern that the UK will fail to follow through with her promise of working in the best interests of the People of the VI… However, we should realise that she has her own problems and will always decide in her own best interests - She may find it easier to harvest existing puppets than create new warriors with the ability to think and reason independently.

Our concern should be whether or not her dramatic CoI interference leaves the VI worse off than before.

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