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Thursday, Aug 05, 2021

Stop manufacturing untruthful stories about others

Stop manufacturing untruthful stories about others

Amid the possibility that a scandal which implicates him might be brought before the Commission of Inquiry (COI), former legislator Myron Walwyn has called for the society to unite and address emotional weaknesses preventing its progress.

The former Education Minister under the previous NDP administration is at the centre of a scandal involving the controversial Elmore Stoutt High School perimeter wall project.

Walwyn, who has always maintained his innocence in the matter, took to Facebook on Sunday to questioned why Virgin Islanders “manufacture untruthful stories about each other and then sell them around like the gospel”.

He also said the BVI will not achieve its full potential until it addresses this and other emotional weaknesses that plague the society.

“Just about everyday, I think about our country and what an example we could be on this side of the globe if we worked diligently together towards it. The only way that we could achieve this is if all the people of the Virgin Islands (and I mean all) work in unison. There is too much tearing down of each other in the community. Why is it so hard for us to celebrate the achievements of each other? Why do we wish each other well until the other actually starts to do well?” Walwyn questioned.

He added: “Why do we manufacture untruthful stories about each other and then sell them around like the gospel? Why do we do these things? A country cannot move ahead faster than its people. If we don’t find a way to address these emotional weaknesses and each of us show our contempt for them, we will not reach the heights that we have the ability collectively to attain.”

Politicians called this on ourselves in many ways

Since the announcement of the COI, this is not the first time Walwyn has called for Virgin Islanders to refrain from speaking negatively about each other.

Recently, he said politicians are partly to be blamed for the damage done to the BVI’s reputation because they have a habit of calling each other ‘corrupt’ without having evidence.

“I am deeply saddened by the damage being done to the reputation of our home. In many ways, we have called this upon ourselves. If we call ourselves corrupt, without evidence to support our assertions in the name of parochial politics, people will begin to believe that we truly are. In many respects, we know the things that we are promulgating are not true and in other instances, we are reckless as to whether what we say is true or false,” Walwyn said in a previous Facebook post.


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