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Tuesday, Jun 22, 2021

Stop misleading the public! I’m not the only director of Pier Park

Stop misleading the public! I’m not the only director of Pier Park

Local businesswoman Patsy Lake has called on talk show personality Ray George to stop misleading the public regarding recent statements he made during the Hot Seat radio programme.
Among other things, George publicly claimed that Lake is the only director on the board of the Cyril B Romney Tortola Pier Park.

But while responding on ZBVI radio this week, Lake said George’s statements were “incorrect”.

“Mr Ray George needs to get his information correct rather than misleading the public with false information. I am not the only director of the park … There are three directors of Pier Park,” said Lake who did not disclose the names of the other two.

George had singled out Lake as the so-called sole director while raising concerns about transparency considering that Lake also sits on the Social Security Board (SSB) which is a major investor of the Pier Park.

Lake, however, made it clear that the SSB also has a representative on the Pier Park board who she says is also a director.

She then accused the hosts of the Hot Seat programme of “finding faults of every government”, regardless of the administration. She then challenged them to engage in more nation-building.

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