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Thursday, Oct 29, 2020

Stop Practice Of Direct $$ 'Handouts' - Vanterpool

Stop Practice Of Direct $$ 'Handouts' - Vanterpool

It is common practice for elected officials in the Virgin Islands to provide direct financial assistance to their constituents, but Fourth District Hon. Mark Vanterpool wants it to be discontinued.
While Speaking under Private Members Business segment of the December 13 sitting of the House of Assembly, Hon. Vanterpool that a number requests are made to District Representatives to help persons in their constituency with various needs.

However, he explained that additional money should be given to the Social Development Department so that they can handle such requests.

The Fourth District Representative said, “The help shouldn’t be coming from us, that money that we are giving out … on a regular monthly basis should not be given out from us. It should be given out from the Social Development Department and we should be representing those people to the Social Development Department to give out that money, to give them Assistance.”

He added, “I strongly recommend that we discontinue that practice and find a way to fund the Social Development Department to be able to assist those who really need help. Their the ones who are equipped to go out and assist those who really need the help, and who need assistance and who need guidance, and there are a lot of people like that Mr. Speaker,” he added.

The Fourth District Representative also lauded the Social Development Department stating that they do a lot with very little.

“We need to pay attention to the social fabric of our community. We get questions everyday we are asked … I applaud the Social Development Department they operate on little funding. I look in the budget and I haven’t seen any major increase to them over the years including my years. I think its $4.2M for their entire Department,” Vanterpool stated.

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