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Saturday, Apr 17, 2021

Suspected intoxicated man leaps from moving police vehicle, tased

Suspected intoxicated man leaps from moving police vehicle, tased

Police have arrested a man who was suspected to be intoxicated while the driver of a vehicle involved in a 2-vehicle accident at Brandywine Bay on Friday evening, February 26, 2021.

The man had allegedly used indecent language against the other driver in the accident and also against police.

According to reports, the man was observed having slurred speech and unable to keep his balance.

When approached by officers, the man turned this indecent language assault on police officers which resulted in him being arrested. He allegedly resisted arrest but police managed to subdue him and placed him in their vehicle.

Escape attempt foiled

However, as the vehicle headed towards the East End Police Station, the man allegedly jumped out of the moving vehicle and made a mad rush into some bushes.

Police; however, caught up with him and allegedly had to use a taser gun on him since he was reportedly still putting up a fight.

The man allegedly still attempted to run away after being tased but was pursued and caught.


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