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Thursday, May 06, 2021

SVG police arrest Lava Man, the volcano-climbing daredevil

SVG police arrest Lava Man, the volcano-climbing daredevil

Desron "Lava Man" Rodriguez, the 34-year-old hiker who rose to infamy for his repeated jaunts up the La Soufriere mountain, has been arrested.
Details are still sketchy, put police sources have confirmed that he was taken into custody at the Biabou Police Station around 4pm on Tuesday.

Despite repeated appeals issued by NEMO, Rodriguez continued to venture up the mountain, his most recent trek on April 18.

As has become the norm, he went live on his social media platform.

He came under heavy criticism from Professor Richard Robertson who described his actions as irresponsible and dotish.

“People talk about bravery and to me somebody is brave when you are aware of the risk that you put yourself to or because of your job... the need to contribute to society in some fundamental way... you still take the action to save your family or something like that. So you are aware of the risks, you know you could be killed or you know you could be hurt but you still do it. That’s a brave person. A brave person is not somebody who goes up to the mountain, who understands the risk, putting themselves and their parties at risk and the people who might have to rescue them.
That person is not me that person is simply dotish," the Professor said.

Police are yet to reveal what charges Rodriguez is now facing.

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