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Wednesday, Jul 28, 2021

'Sycophantic' pro-Biden media coverage 'astonishing' and 'shameless'

The "sycophantic" pro-Biden coverage in the US and Australian media has been "astonishing, shameless, and embarrassing", says Sky News host Chris Kenny.
"For more than four years we've had to put up with journalists here and in the US frothing at the mouth about Donald Trump - full Trump derangement syndrome - as they hysterically attacked the president, highlighting his real mistakes, and inventing others," he said.

"The sycophantic coverage has been astonishing, shameless, and embarrassing.

“But one of the most chilling examples of media bias is the attitude to fact-checking.

"The journos want to believe the President - they want to believe a 50-year Washington political operative - without question.

"A few weeks ago they were busy checking facts and exposing what they believed were inaccuracies from the president, now they admonish the media and spend their time explaining what the new President was trying to say and do. Helping his spin."

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