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Tuesday, Oct 04, 2022

Tahir Husain & ‘The Garage Crew’ win top prize @ Xmas Explosion Car Show

Tahir Husain of The Garage Crew has won the Overall Champions Category of the Xmas Explosion Car Show organised by Majestic Promotions and saw participation from the US Virgin Islands.

The 2021 edition of the car show was held at Festival Grounds on December 26, 2021.

Husain dethroned defending champion Ceon Heartman who failed to place in the top three.

2nd place was copped by Rodney Beharry with the "Godfather" while 3rd place went to DanDan Freeman with 'Jam Done'.

Meanwhile, Husain tied with Kareem Parris with ‘John Wick’ for 1st place in the SPL A-Class Division.

The ‘Godfather’

Rodney Beharry also copped the second place prize for Best Installation and 1st place for SPL Class A.

Hartman took the top prize for Best Installation.

There were several other prizes won by others who participated in the competition that saw a large turnout of patrons.

Success story

"Special thanks to everybody who came and supported this event on what was a lovely day. We didn't have any rain, we didn't have any accidents, we didn’t have anybody destroying any of the vehicles," Promotor Rasheed Frett said.

"I want to thank my brothers for coming all the way from the US Virgin Islands to making this show a big success even though it was a lot of stress, a lot of heartaches and a lot of work," Frett added.

The pleased promoter had a special thank you to his girlfriend who he said was a key player in the promotion but was unable to attend due to her falling ill.


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