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Friday, Nov 27, 2020

Telecom providers urged to not cut customers' phones

Telecommunication companies in the Virgin Islands have been told by Premier and Minister of Finance, Honourable Andrew A. Fahie (R1) to not disconnect the telephone or mobile services of any customer during this curfew period.

He has also pleaded with telecom providers who have already done this to reconnect customers.

Practice good corporate citizenship

“We also asking all telecoms to please during this lockdown period, which was before and now, please do not cut the services of the people for non-payment,” the Premier said on ZBVI 780 AM on April 1, 2020.

According to Hon Fahie, cutting customers during this curfew period is not displaying good corporate citizenship.

“So please, for those that have done it, put the people’s phones back on. They couldn’t get out to pay because it was a curfew.”

He added he was informed that some of the services were disconnected due to an automated system.

“Well, let’s go turn the automated system into standard and get the people phone back on because that is not right and as a government I can’t stand for that, so I am asking the telecom companies that did that to please go and get it adjusted."

“Let’s help the people through these difficult times,” Premier Fahie urged.

‘No price gouging’

He also used the opportunity to discourage store owners from practising price gouging.

“Don’t take advantage of people during this time. We are also working on the legislation to finish passing all of them to make sure that we put more teeth into this.”

Premier Fahie, during an earlier update to the Territory, had said: “I also want to urge all businesses to have compassion and consideration for citizens. We in the Virgin Islands are one family. Remember that due to the current situation, persons are not able to work, so, please help to ease their burden.”

Speaking to store owners, he said: “Do not add to it by raising prices and introducing new service charges. These are your loyal customers. Some of them are struggling. Please do not take advantage of them, as we have seen with the hurricanes of 2017, because these dull days will not last forever.”


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