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Friday, Oct 23, 2020

Tender Process Waived For $842K Digital Water Meter Contract

Tender Process Waived For $842K Digital Water Meter Contract

The Government is moving to implement digital water meters with automatic reading capability.
Cabinet recently decided that the tender process be waived to procure the goods and services needed for a digital water meter with capability to be read automatically. The intention is to replace the existing analog meters and allow for a drastic potable water sales revenue increase.

Cabinet decided that a contract be awarded to Kamstrup WaterMetering LLC of Roswell, Georgia USA in the amount not exceeding $842,687 to cover the cost of 5,325 ultrasonic water meters and a wireless automatic meter reading system.

According to Cabinet disclosures, the award was done on the basis of the company's performance in digital water meters.

Earlier this year, it was announced that an assessment of the water distribution system was planned to aid in the design of a new water distribution network.

A consultant has been hired at a cost of $375,000 and began work March 20 with funding from the $65M Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Loan allocated by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB).

A total of $1,424,683 in contracts were signed for the hiring of the water consultant, a project engineer, financial audit services and consultancy services on roads, slopes and coastal defenses.

The issue of a poor water distribution system in the BVI, particularly on Tortola, has been a long-standing issue with constant outcries from the people, especially in District Three.

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