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Friday, Oct 23, 2020

Territorial At-Large representatives plan series of meetings for sister islands

Territorial At-Large representatives plan series of meetings for sister islands

Territorial At-Large representatives will be holding a series of meetings across the territory’s sister islands, starting with Anegada on Wednesday, October 16.

Shereen Flax-Charles is one of the three At-Large representatives who will be present during office hours at the Anegada Library.

She told BVI News the meetings are part of government’s effort of ensuring residents of the sister islands feel sufficiently represented.

“In the past, I can safely say that persons on the sister islands always felt that they were neglected and we are making sure that is not the case … We’re going to work with the people to ensure that they feel comfortable and that the BVI is moving in the direction that we want it to move in,” the first-term legislator stated.

While noting that meetings have been scheduled for the other islands, Flax-Charles said forums such as those will become a regular occurrence on the sister islands.

“It is not only going to be one day. It is going to be a series of meetings which will be occurring on a regular basis in each of the districts and each of the villages,” she told BVI News.

Flax-Charles said the purpose of the meetings is to ensure persons get the opportunity to convey their issues to the requisite authorities.

“It will mainly be the At-Large team so that we will be able to take back information to the ministers to ensure that the people’s voices are heard and that the issues are addressed. All of the ministers may not be able to attend because of their busy schedules. But those of us that do not hold a full ministry, we felt the need to be able to reach out to the people to say we are here and we will work with the ministers to make sure that needs are met.”

Accompanying Flax-Charles will be Junior Minister for Trade and Economic Development Sharie de Castro as well as Deputy Speaker in the House of Assembly, Neville Smith.

In the meantime, the meeting at the Anegada Library is scheduled to run from 10 am until 2 pm.


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