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Saturday, Oct 31, 2020

The BVI has been ranked as the number-one best vacation destination in the Caribbean

Online travel magazine ‘US News’ ranked the BVI ahead 16 other Caribbean destinations, edging out St Lucia who ranked second and the neighbouring US Virgin Islands in third.

The online magazine computed these rankings based on their user-votes and expert insights along with other contributing factors which included accessibility to beaches, tourist attractions and comfortable accommodations.

It also described the BVI as a paradise which attracts wealthy travellers who love sailing and seclusion. US News further dissected the main and sister islands, listing some of the benefits tourists can look forward to when travelling to the territory.

For Tortola, the online magazine described the main island as having mountainous cliffs and chalk-white beaches characterized by changing tides and calm, easterly winds.

Jost Van Dyke was labelled as having the region’s best New Year’s Eve parties, offering delicious Caribbean food and drink and providing water sport activities such as diving and fishing.

The popular attraction, The Baths - which can be described as the pride and joy of Virgin Gorda - was said to be one of the most ‘picturesque shores’ in the BVI. Anegada, in the meantime, was described as the place to be for supreme seclusion, for its slow pace, flat terrain and sparkling sand.

The BVI also ranked high in some of the magazine’s other regional categories including third best family vacation destination and one of the best places to visit in February. The territory also ranked fourth for best Caribbean honeymoons and best Caribbean beaches.


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