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Friday, Jan 28, 2022

The CoI is the friend of good governance & residents

The CoI is the friend of good governance & residents

Now make no mistake: the COI is a good thing for the majority of residents in these majestic Virgin Islands, especially taxpayers, who are the majority.
The only people nervous and bothered with the COI are those who stand to benefit from the status quo: Conflict of Interest, Entitlement, and those who depend on government handouts.

However, it is not the British Virgin Islands alone that benefits from public investigations and probes.

History has proven that countries, where there are checks on the power of the executive branch of government, are the most developed and prosperous.

If the Virgin Islands is to see strong social development, and true economic prosperity, it will not achieve these with the type of governance that has existed over the past thirty years.

Consequently, we must all view the COI as a blessing.

Every squirm and squeal of a high official over some revelation or exposure is good for us all.

Why was that matter hidden if it was not an issue? Why was cash spent carelessly when the kids still have to inhabit schools that are well below the global benchmark?

These are the questions that the COI is attempting to answer.

And that is why the COI must become a permanent agency and check on political impunity that so often here and elsewhere takes on a demon of its own, and then goes on to destroy the quality and standard of living.

This Old Boy a few weeks back spoke to a person with insight into foreign investors.

The good lady stated that the COI was viewed as an excellent thing by global investors as it showed a country being held accountable for the quality of its governance.

Long may the Commission live.

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