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Monday, Oct 26, 2020

The Struggle is Real! Deputy Premier Appeals To BVIEC

The Struggle is Real! Deputy Premier Appeals To BVIEC

.Deputy Premier and Minister for Labour and Immigration, Hon. Vincent Wheatley is pleading with the electrical power provider, British Virgin Islands Electricity Corporation (BVIEC), to keep the power on for delinquent consumers until payday.
The Minister used one of the most popular hashtags for hardship, #THESTRUGGLEISREAL, as an addendum to his public message. Hon. Wheatley referred to his plead to the BVIEC on November 10 via social media platform Facebook as an “open message.”

In his message Hon. Wheatley said: “On behalf of the people can you please postpone the cutting of power from Monday until Friday, 15th November. Many of us want to pay, but just cannot pay until we get paid on Friday. Thanks for your kind consideration of this request. The people.”

It is not clear if the Deputy Premier was making the plea on behalf of his constituents in the Ninth District or a Territorial appeal.

What is known is that the BVIEC often conducts disconnections at various points of the Territory during the period bills are due. It is usually noted by the Corporation that customers should make payment on Electricity bills that are over 30 days, in order to avoid disconnection.

Further, BVIEC had announced that all bills over thirty (30) days are in arrears and consumers may be disconnected.

“Consumers who have been disconnected are required to pay arrears in full along with a reconnection fee of $10.00 before supply can be restored. Commercial customers must pay $20.00 before supply can be restored. The persons carrying out disconnection are not permitted to accept any payment on site,” the BVIEC usually announce ahead of discussion plans.

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