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UK regulator to apologise to gay doctors struck off because of sexuality

This acknowledgment comes after an internal review found that the regulatory body had acted against at least 40 male doctors, based on discriminatory convictions now considered unjust.
The GMC, established in 1858 and one of the oldest global medical regulators, had the authority to sanction or impede doctors' careers in the UK. Their apologies extend to those subjected to investigations, sanctions, or career termination because of homosexuality-related convictions, practices that continued even after homophobic laws were overturned.

CEO Charlie Massey expressed shock at the review's findings and regret for the professional and personal damage caused. Prof Dame Carrie MacEwen, chair of the GMC, will formally apologize, acknowledging the additional harm caused by the regulator's past actions.

The archival search by the GMC, assisted by its LGBTQ+ staff network, revealed that at least eight doctors were barred from practicing. The last verified case was in 1966, with repercussions for others occurring into the 1990s.

Dr. Duncan McGregor from Gladd, the LGBTQ+ doctors and dentists association, praised the GMC's apology for being a step towards rectifying past wrongs, noting ongoing prejudices in healthcare. The GMC, through MacEwen, commits to continued efforts in supporting LGBTQ+ doctors and promoting inclusivity within the medical field.

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