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Thursday, Jun 08, 2023

The value of being woke - Progressive & Awake

The value of being woke - Progressive & Awake

When Being Wrong Would Make Things Right:
Once we put trust in Leaders, we never want to be wrong, so we tolerate many difficulties before admitting failure… Election is over, but I remain concerned that their view of success is the wholesale ripping off and raping of the People, rather than trying to exhibit the virtue and character needed for saving our Country and rescuing our Children… I have zero trust, but I would much rather be wrong.

Consequently, when I voice concerns, it’s not to be proven right, but so, we can be forewarned and ready ourselves to prevent them from happening… It is sad that Persons failed to see the evils and dangers of Judge Clarence Thomas and Donald J. Trump, or understand the difficulties in getting them out once they got in… Sometimes it’s singular, like Trump, Thomas or DeSantis, or multiple, like in Elections.

Persons often argue that those refusing to vote have no right to comment or expect services from the elected Representatives… These are the words of the shallow-minded, because they infer, Children, Taxpayers, and the supporters of other Candidates should be ostracised, although, Statistics clearly show that the vast majority of the populace would not have voted for any one Candidate or Member.

Ironically, it would seem far wiser that those who were intelligent enough to refrain from a voting process that was likely to do damage to the People and Country, are the ones more deserving of attention; especially since they are more likely to bring solutions, than problems… Unfortunately, we were taught that if you can’t say ‘good’, then it’s best to say nothing; so we remain quiet longer, just to suffer more.

A choice between the Good, the Bad, & the Ugly Truth:

We often lack both experience and Information, but once we perform like, ‘everything good’ idiots, they call us Optimists, and those that dare to acknowledge hardships are referred to as Pessimists… Some even argue that Political Optimists are better than Political Pessimists, so they ignore the whole picture when called on to make a decision as to who will best work on behalf of the Children and Country.

This Optimist game of accepting Bad as being Good, will never make things better, just as the Pessimist game of rejecting Good as being Bad, will always make things worse… I am a Realist with no hidden Agenda, or burning desire to fool you and rule you… As a Third World trickledown Country, the laws of Nature are greater than the laws of man - Gravity never pushes up, but it always pulls down.

Governments love to spend Monies they do not possess, and because we have no National Reserve Bank or unlimited Credit Cards, the People will pay the price… UK is the only Nation with an obligation to help us, but if we are both in dire need, then one drowning man cannot save the other… The UK is unable to pay her own Civil Servants and Health Providers, so, how can we expect her to pay for ours?

She would quicker pay the Police Force than the Nurses, so our bloated Budgets are just Guesstimates - Mere Dreams and not Cash… Too many think that the Bible gives us an excuse to become beggars by saying, ‘Ask and it shall be given’… I wasn’t there when they wrote it, but I believe, their ‘Asking’ is less connected to our begging and more meant for Asking Questions with a likelihood of getting Answers.

Not All You See Is What There Is:

As a little Country with more ministers than Government Representatives, we accept confusion as a way of life and fooling our People as a political pastime… Thus, Records actually show that the concept of Junior Minister was introduced in the VI as a bribe or reward for Members who agreed to personally participate in removing me as a Minister, without there being the need for a viable reason or justification.

It still continues and Records will show that, except for costing the People money, this is a toothless Lap Dog of convenience that can cause more confusion than solution… Of course, the Devil can do a lot with Duct Tape and Bubble Wrap… Reminds me of a Farmer with a front yard with many Mango Trees, so he padded up and dressed up his Big Rooster like a Pit Bull to parade across the Yard all day long.

Somehow, it was effective… Persons would come, look and long, but never enter the yard… Around the month of June, the days got longer, and, an early morning Drunk didn’t see the Pit Bull so he sneaked into the yard and climbed the mango tree… Unknown to him, that was exactly where Pit Bull/ Rooster slept, and as he reached for a red ripe Mango, he saw the dog, and his whole life flashed before him.

He wasn’t sure whether his heart had stopped or was beating sideways, but he knew he had a sudden case of dysentery and a mad desire to jump down and run… Just as he was on the verge of executing his plan, the Sun came out and the Rooster decided to crow… To make a long story short, the Thief had a sudden change of heart and decided to have Sunday Morning Fried Chicken with fresh Pit Bull Soup.

Sometimes things are not what they seem, so always be ready for deception because Fake People may talk a lot and walk a lot to impress or frighten you, but they can do a better job just by being quiet, lest we find out by luck or design… Fooling us is not that difficult… Many are quick to condemn Socialism as a Dictatorship, but refuse to acknowledge the Greed, Monkeyism and Herd Mentality of Democracy.

When Persons Really Don’t Know What They Are Saying:

We bury ourselves in Political Projections, which simply means that what we say about others refers more so to ourselves - Trump is the King of this… For decades many have dragged about being Conservative, without realising, they are admitting to being anti- progress… On the other hand, some hide from being labelled Progressive, when this is good, because it means keeping up with the times.

Such cockeyed and racist Republican Ideology is evidence of being out of touch and living in a Bizarro World, where they seem Hell-bent on turning back time without understanding that it would harm them more than anyone else… Their latest thing, especially in Florida, is what they refer to as being WOKE… They are unable to define it, but choose to see it as any excuse to destroy Black’s History and Ambition.

Now, this is foolish because Blacks are already doing damage to themselves, by having Blind leading Blind… However, we don’t like being pushed, so when DeSantis and others do so, we push back by improving ourselves… Perhaps, we should thank them for not recognising WOKE is the opposite of SLEEP since ASLEEP means losing touch with Reality, like Rip Van Winkle and Alice in Wonderland.

If they are so proud being Conservative and seeing their Backyard as where WOKISM goes to die, then we should agree with them… Meanwhile, our People should focus on being Progressive and wide AWAKE… In such a fast-moving World, sometimes it’s better to be wrong than right and if we fail to care for ourselves and stay track, all the lamentation won’t help, and no one will give a crap about us.
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