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Sunday, Dec 04, 2022

The Virgin Islands is under the microscope

The Virgin Islands is under the microscope

The Virgin Islands owing to the highly publicized Commission of Inquiry, and now the arrest of the Former Premier on drug trafficking allegations will be under the global microscope for many years.
The country’s status as an offshore financial services haven has always created detractors, from transparency advocates and journalists to writers in the world press who believe offshore jurisdictions are enablers of crooked tyrants, dodgy characters, and money laundering.

The new Unity Government has its work cut out.

Whether the forming of a Unity Government and the promise to implement the recommendations of the COI is sufficient to stop the UK from suspending the Constitution and establishing direct rule for at least two years is unclear.

The UK Cabinet will be watching this new government very closely. Any sign of reneging on its plans for full implementation of the COI recommendations will invite UK Direct Rule.

A look at the online blogs reveals there are many in the land who prefer Direct Rule to the present status quo. For all the very public assertions on colonialism and racism, most residents are aware of how terrible governance has been in recent years.

Any referendum on Independence- the only way to independence- will most probably reveal that the overwhelming majority of residents are happy with UK oversight.

There is nothing to assure any resident that the present political class has the vision nor capability to rule the country honestly and effectively at this time.

For all the ‘’chatter’’ about self-determination, recent behaviors by leaders of the territory in terms of their honesty and management of the affairs of the land has been discouraging.

Political leaders have lost the confidence of the public. There is no longer any trust in the leadership of the country. This is indeed a sad affair. Can the New Premier- an honest man-in this Writer’s opinion -make things right? That is the million-dollar question.

Many residents who love this country want this Unity Government to succeed. However, can the new government truly implement the recommendations of the COI swiftly and effectively, and save the land from Direct Rule from the UK?

Time will tell.

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