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Sunday, May 09, 2021

The10 most stylish celebrities of 2020

The10 most stylish celebrities of 2020

As the New Year approaches, it is time to review the ending 2020s. Which celebrities are recognized as the most stylish this year?

From last year’s list of the most stylish celebrities to 2020. actress and singer Zendaya joined the ranks of the Madis, and her images of her red carpet events received especially much praise this year. Shining in 2019, Rihanna was among the stylish celebrities of 2020, and together with LVMH, she co-founded her luxury fashion house Fenty last year. Another woman who has repeated her success in the fashion sky is actress Tracee Ellis Ross, who won the title of Fashion Icon of the Year at the American Music Awards this year.

Introducing the 10 most stylish of 2020. celebrities, from models, actors, singers to businesswomen.

1. Zendaya



2. Hailey Bieber


3. Tracee Ellis Ross


4. Kendall Jenner


5. Dua Lipa


6. Rihanna


7. Emily Rtajakowski


8. Jennifer Lopez


10. Janelle Monáe



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