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Sunday, Aug 14, 2022

There are 1,510 people in Jeffrey Epstein's little black book

There are 1,510 people in Jeffrey Epstein's little black book

We have a copy of the book, uncensored. As AG William Barr is now in charge, and he is moving this investigation forward despite the pressure from Epstein's operators from one end and Epstein's "customers" from the other end - we better let the authorities doing the job they didn't do previously. Last week Barr and Trump fired the Manhattan prosecutor (Clinton's friend), Geoffrey Berman. Manhattan is where Epstein's murder case closed as "suicide".

Our conclusions from all the evidence we’ve collected:

1. Epstein has been murdered, not suicide.

2. The sex offense is not the worst in Epstein’s case, not from UK perspective and not from U.S. perspective.

3. Not every person that knew, visited and traveled with Epstein had any involvement in sex with minority, sex at all, or any wrong doing. That’s why we decided not to publish the full list that we have from book content.

4. The real severity of the Epstein case contain all the elements that can shake the interaction and relationship of few key countries.

The real and full story may never see the light, and better not. That’s all we can say.

The book

The black book first emerged in court after Epstein's former property manager Alfredo Rodriguez tried to sell it for $50,000. Gawker published it in 2015.

Names in the address book likely include aspirational contacts in addition to those Epstein had met personally. Rodriguez circled three dozen entries but died before clarifying their significance.

There are more than 1,500 people listed in Jeffrey Epstein's infamous little black book. Among them are royalty and nobility, celebrities and academics, art collectors and hedge funders, politicians and heads of state: a motley compendium of global high society.

The address book was unearthed by the FBI after Epstein's former Palm Beach, Florida, house manager Alfredo Rodriguez attempted to sell it to an attorney representing an Epstein accuser for $50,000 in 2009. Rodriguez annotated dozens of entries — including those of Donald Trump, Les Wexner, Courtney Love, Ehud Barak, Alan Dershowitz, and two labeled "witness" - but died before he could illuminate their precise meaning.

Still, the volume is undoubtedly significant. "The FBI's case against him makes clear that Rodriguez regarded the address book as crucial to understanding Epstein's crimes," Gawker's Nick Bryant wrote, citing the 2009 affidavit of an FBI agent who interviewed Rodriguez.

In total, the book contains 1,749 entries, consisting of 1,510 people, 210 businesses, and 25 listings that we categorized as miscellaneous or unknown.

Epstein's contacts - which likely consist of people he aspired to meet, in addition to those he knew personally — include more than 40 members of royalty and European nobility and a dozen high-ranking politicians and diplomats.

Notable names in Jeffrey Epstein's black book

Those in Epstein's orbit lived everywhere from Argentina to Kenya, according to the address book, but the vast majority of his associates resided in the major metropolitan centers of the US and Western Europe, with 383 entries labeled in New York — Epstein's primary place of residence — and 363 in London, where Ghislaine Maxwell, who is accused of being his coconspirator, lived.

George LoBuono 686 days ago
Anneka Lucas says "the American" pedophile who fouled her horribly is listed in Epstein's book. Who is it?
Rona 729 days ago
When you look at all these news media.. they never have any factual proof or documents backing up theor claims.. and its the same names.. Wheres the podesto brothers, clintons, obamas.. full of shit!! You cant belive these stories until you see them in a court of law.. They will say anything against the Trump Families.. just to sway the perceptions of many. Do your research dont just rely on these ones.. because you see they never name the real ppl involved, yet we know .. like seriously am i going to believe this? B.S!!!
Concerned 740 days ago
“The real and full story may never see the light, and better not. That’s all we can say. “

“And better not”. WTF does that mean?


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