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Friday, Oct 30, 2020

Thieves raid businesses on Virgin Gorda

Thieves raid businesses on Virgin Gorda

Since the start of this week, a total of four businesses have been burglarised on Virgin Gorda. The latest two incidents happened Wednesday night, October 7.
Thieves broke into two business establishments, Buck’s Supermarket and a business office. While nothing was reported missing from the supermarket, a significant amount of cash was taken from the business location.

Earlier this week, two villas on Virgin Gorda were also burglarised, one in Spring Bay and the other in Mahoe Bay. Flat-screen televisions and a mattress were stolen.

Head of the Virgin Gorda Policing Division Acting Chief Inspector Selwyn Rock is appealing to the public to come forward with information that can lead to the arrest of perpetrators.

He said the crimes on Virgin Gorda are being committed by a few young people.

“Our desire is to bring a quick end to these burglaries by arresting the individuals responsible and restoring the Virgin Gorda community to its former tranquil existence. There are just a few, mostly young individuals responsible. We are asking the public to give us the help needed to identify these individuals,” Inspector Rock said.

Persons are invited to call Inspector Rock directly at 368-9138.

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