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Thousands Rally Against Netanyahu's Government

In Jerusalem, tens of thousands protested against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government, particularly criticizing the military service exemptions for ultra-Orthodox Jewish men.
The demonstration, one of the largest since the 2023 Hamas attack and the ongoing war in Gaza, echoed previous mass protests. Demand for a new election and a fair distribution of military service responsibilities heightened amid Israel's heaviest military losses in years, causing unrest.

Critics accuse Netanyahu's cabinet of failing to prevent the Hamas attack, which resulted in 1,200 deaths and numerous hostages. Protesters expressed deep dissatisfaction with the government's handling of the situation, fearing it would lead the country toward further disaster.

The Israeli government faces a looming deadline to address the controversial issue of military exemptions for ultra-Orthodox students, with a Supreme Court mandate halting state funding for potential conscripts. As the debate intensifies, Netanyahu seeks a temporary deferral, promising to find a solution.

Amidst calls for "elections now," Netanyahu defends his position, arguing that an election during war would be counterproductive. Meanwhile, in Tel Aviv, families of hostages and their supporters demonstrate, highlighting the government's failure to secure the return of their loved ones.

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