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Monday, Nov 23, 2020

Ties Severed With Foxy’s Operations Manager

Ties Severed With Foxy’s Operations Manager

Tessa Callwood, part owner of the Foxy’s group of companies and wife of iconic Virgin Islander, Philiciano “Foxy” Callwood MBE, is concerned that a press conference that was held on October 14 during which various sensitive matters were released, could have an effect on the renowned BVI brand.
The press conference, which was streamed live on Facebook, was called by David Dietrich, who was employed as the Operations Manager of the establishment, and Philiciano “Foxy” Callwood, who is the other part owner of the iconic brand.

This press conference was said to be geared at ‘setting the matter straight’. However, the media event became multi-dimensional as the wife, daughter,= and son of Mr. Callwood – Tessa, Justine and Greg Callwood made an appearance at the media event. This gathering and various revelations culminated with the resignation of Dietrich from the company, moments before a termination letter stating various infractions was read.

At the start of the press conference, it was explained by Mr. Callwood that he asked Dietrich to investigate aspects of his business because of concerns he had, and other unsuccessful attempts to get answers.

Dietrich in his remarks announced that he found improprieties within the organization, which he reported to Mr. Callwood, and this he said made other interested parties unhappy about his presence within the establishment. In fact, he noted that there were feelings that he was pulling the family apart.

“I am not pulling this family apart. This family was pulled apart long before I showed up on the scene. Foxy has put me in charge of his business. I am a whistleblower of the gravy train; nobody likes that,” he said.

The press conference lasted close to an hour, during which various disclosures were made about the family and the business; and at one point Mrs. Callwood said that she was concerned about all that was said.

When asked by a reporter to comment on her bother about such public disclosures, Mrs. Callwood said, “Absolutely, it’s totally damaging to us.”

On the other hand, Mr. Callwood announced that he wanted the press conference so that people can see his life.

The disappointment about such publicity was further noted in the termination letter that was penned by Mrs. Callwood and read by daughter Justine at the press conference.

In that letter, Mrs. Callwood noted an implied requirement of confidentiality, which she alluded to was breached.

“There is an implied confidentiality agreement in any employment and it is clear to us that you have made our personal business matters public knowledge—said press conference evident,” the letter stated.

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